Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Airborn Audio - Good Fortune album

Not too many people have heard of these cats but their music is mos def worth a listen, they have a different sound lyrically and production wise!!! Next level sh!t....so expand! ->

Airborn Audio - Good Fortune

Airborn Audio attacks from all angles, deploying beats ranging from sludgy screwed-down productions to master blast blip-hop and heady verses that materialize with varying degrees of precision, pitch and pace. Together the group is a spinning ball of next-level hip-hop thought moving towards your eardrums. -Fader


urbanology said...

thank you! you have a nice blog at all

aren´t airborne audio the post project of some guys from the Anti-Pop Consortium?
I think if you like them, you also will love this stuff at my blog:



check it out and have fun, greets - urbanology

LoftNinja said...

first you should get rid of the linkbucks ads on your comments by going to settings and use the embedded comment system..next you should visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Airborn-Audio/109912896433 and fan their page on facebook...Airborn is the Future!